Drills Can Be A Fun And Efficient For Teaching Football


No football team must compromise on conditioning when practicing for a match. It is the most vital part of every football team’s practice plan. Many times, young foot back coaches forget to concentrate on conditioning. Eliminating the importance of conditioning is the worst thing a coach could do to his players. Doing the conditioning in a wrong way is also a common problem and some might overdo it which is ultimately of no benefit. To avoid wasting your time, conditioning must be done in an appropriate manner. All football warm up drills have their own importance. None can be neglected even if you are on a shortage of time.

Practicing drills make a player the best one on the field. On an average, every football team consists of 80 offensive and defensive snaps. A handful of special team plays is also designed for every team. It is like their USP which they use in every game to overpower their opposite team. On an average, the team plays are going to be just two plays that are 40 yards longer. Many young coaches make their teams run a lot of 40-yard sprints along with a quarter mile lap and a half mile lap. Overdoing things can have a negative impact.

Hence, the practice must be done the right way. Today’s football play is an anaerobic activity with hundreds of 2, 5 and 10-yard sprints. There can be changes of direction in between too. Every football player is made to run in the Sam directional after 10 to 15 yards. Players with good acceleration and speed easily succeed in these drills, whereas many lags behind. It is not necessary that a good player will be good at completing the e40 yard run. Why do coaches concentrate on this technique when they know that some players might be left behind due to these practices? It usually happens in high school football teams and many other places.

It is a common phenomenon that a team investing too much time on conditioning always performs poorly. Overall team development through traditional or any modern drill practices is the best way. Over conditioning will lead to fatigue and loss in team enthusiasm. If some will be left behind, the team spirit will break. A drill that trains everybody is important. It is the coach’s duty to find out such drills that will focus on the entire team. Gassers are known by almost every child who is practicing football. However, it is important to observe whether the children playing football are investing their energy on gassers or not. Mostly it is seen that they conserve their energy.

It is known to all of us that sprints are not a job to be performed at full speed. Hence, analyze what would the kids gain from gassers. A player can be benefited very selectively from a slow speed run on a straight line track. The drill is not important if it is not leading to the development of a player’s football skills. The drills must concentrate on the football skills and not enhance the tolerance of the body.

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