Easy technique to remove stain from your juicer

Juice is required by most of the individual during breakfasts, workouts and thirst. It is considered to be healthy as it does not possess any artificial chemicals. It can quench your thirst instantly but squeezing out juice from fruits is not an easy task. The availability of modern juicers like cold press juicer can squeeze out juice from any fruit or vegetable. Nowadays, the juicers are designed in such a way that it can be used to grind cucumber as well as root vegetable like ginger, etc. These machines require proper maintenance and cleaning so that it looks works well. Cleaning is also done to make the juicer look good.

Reasons it is difficult to maintain your juicer

Juicer Fanatics will always want their juicer machines to remain clean and working for a longer time. When you own a juicer and use it for a few months, you get to know about its functioning. The juicer is difficult to clean when sticky and mineral rich residue is left by root and leafy vegetable. Juicer staining occurs due to grinding of carrot and beetroot. Beetroot is deep red in color and its colors stick to anything that comes in contact resulting in staining your juicer.

How can you clean and maintain your juicer perfectly?

It is recommended to clean your juicer by removing its components and soaking it in warm water and tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate or baking soda. Then, you have to leave the components dipped into the solution throughout the night. You have to buy a brush with bristles and scrub the components with it. You can also use cotton to clean areas where a brush cannot reach.
Most of the juicer components do not fit into the dishwasher, so you have to clean with the help of your hands.

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