Get To Know The Different Types Of Golf Courses


Golf courses can be classified based on a number of factors. One can classify Golf courses depending upon their accessibility, size, number of holes and other such factors. Accessibility of a golf course refers to the people who can access and make use of a golf course. You must try to understand the fact that almost all golf courses have rules and regulations about who can play on those golf courses. Unless and until you are allowed to make use of a golf course under the rules and regulations made for that purpose you will not be allowed to play. It is the owners or administrators of a golf course who make these rules.

Private golf courses are those which are privately owned and maintained by a company or institution or a private person. The owners of these types of golf courses are mostly golf clubs. In a number of cases, social clubs also own and maintain their private golf courses. Such golf courses which are owned and maintained by private clubs are almost always accessible only to the members of these clubs. If you want to play on such types of golf courses then you will have to become a member of those clubs. Most of these clubs charge a certain amount of money as the membership fees.

You can take up the membership of such social clubs or golf clubs. The choice that you make will depend on your needs, wants and desires. If you want to join a social club or a golf club just to play golf then joining a golf club will be a better idea. If you want to socialize with other people and make use of other facilities associated with a social club then you will be better off if you join a social club. If you want to find out about the best golf courses in Toronto then you can search online using ‘private golf courses Toronto’ as your search words.

Public golf courses are those golf courses which are owned and maintained by the government or bodies under the government. A number of public golf courses are also owned by quasi-governmental bodies such as the municipal corp. in a certain area. The rules of entry and accessibility of the public golf courses are made by the government. In some cases, you need to become a member of the body that runs and maintains the golf course if you want to play on the golf course. In most of the public courses you can play by paying a certain amount of fee when you want to play. You do not need to become a member in order to play on such golf courses.

Golf courses are also classified based on the number of holes on a golf course. 18 hole golf courses and 9 hole golf courses are the most commonly prevalent golf courses. You must keep in mind that your choice for an ideal golf course will depend upon this factor as well.

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