Guide To Choose The Best Camping Cooler

cooler_bagsCoolers are the integral part that often appears in the wish list of campers. The camping area may be remote, terrestrial, dense forest, etc., where presence of refrigerators or carrying it along for that matter, is completely impossible. This is where the need for the best coolers plays a dominant role. And choosing them wisely will make a great difference in the overall camping experience. The two factors discussed here are the type of cooler and Size of the cooler. When it comes to type, coolers can be categorized as soft-sided cooler or Collapsible cooler (example – Yeti Hopper30, Ice Mule pro, etc.), hard-sided coolers or stainless coolers (example – ) and electric coolers (e.g.; Koolatron P75, etc.). If you want you may look out for the additional support factors in this link

Type of coolers: Soft-sided, hard sided and electric coolers. A brief note on the pros and cons of each type of cooler are as follows:

Soft–sided coolers
These coolers are made from nylon and are more convenient for short trips for a day or two. The storage capacity is not huge, as the purpose of this cooler is short term. This can be a drawback in reverse as well, due to low storage. Example – The larger size soft – sided cooler is Thermos collapsible cooler with 66-quart capacity which is of a portfolio size when folded.

Hard-sided coolers
These coolers are chosen by campers who go on for long trip for sporting, camping, partying, etc. Hard-sided coolers are preferred mainly for durability and efficient cooling. This can be classified into traditional Stainless steel coolers and plastic models. Metal coolers are opted mainly for their durability and non-destructible quality. Nowadays steel coolers have also modernized with insulated lid, built-in wheels and oversized handles for easy transporting. The draining facility in coolers also an added advantage, as it will be easy for cleaning the cooler. The negative side of metal coolers is that metal absorbs heat and retains it longer than plastic. But to counteract this negative, steel coolers are now well insulated and come with tight lids, making it a choice in warmer days as well.

Electric coolers
When there is available of power, but people prefer to carry their cooler, electric coolers will be the best choice. This avoids the use of ice cubes to keep things cool. The temperature set up available supports to have warm food stuff, but it’s ideally paves way for bacterial growth. This is the disadvantage of electric coolers.

Size comes next to consideration after choosing the type of cooler one need. It’s not ideal to carry a Cooler with high storage space for a short journey and cooler with low storage for long trips. So size does matters in selecting a cooler. Keeping in mind the necessity Hardcore hunting 420-quart size cooler, weekend camping for two or three member a 50 – 60-quart size cooler and for a day trip 40 quart or even smaller cooler will be the ideal choice.