The Golden Rules of Australian Football

This post was initially composed as a member of a training pamphlet given to players who were picked to play against the might of Western Australia, Victoria and South Australia in the Queensland Schoolboys team at the 1973 Australian National Championships.

As Australian Football was the game everybody a lot of the thoughts under were ingrained in the players in the large states. In Queensland it turned out to be a mild sport. Thus, there was passing on to young players of these thoughts. In modern soccer, what seems below could be considered the start of a fundamental team strategy.

So, in the team, these rules were instilled during the pre-tournament groundwork and practised within their practice games in the hope they team would be competitive.

The goals are:

1. Win the race to the ball:

He, who commands the ball, commands the match.

2. Create a high degree of physical fitness:

If you’re fit for the match what a great edge you are going to have.

3. Be a team footballer:

Let your motto be “One for and all for one”.

4. Have great attention:

Concentrate for each second of the entire match. Lapses cost targets.

5. Exude confidence:

Have confidence in your team mates and trainer, although not only yourself.

6. Have guts:

To win the race to the ball;

To go and get the ball;

To fight at all times; (no matter how really hopeless it’s).

To keep striving no matter the way the scenario seems;

To approve the conclusion of the trainer;

To possess the discipline required to give of your finest.

7. Instant healing:

It’s the best technique for soccer especially in these scenarios:

(a) The recoil ball;

(b) When defeated by the bounce of the ball;

(c) After competing for a shed mark;

(d) When taking a bump or “knock” from an opposing player;

(e) When a ball is badly kicked to a top player;

(f) After delivering the ball;

(g) When you’re knocked to the ground or autumn.

8. Create a Positive Mental Attitude about your capability to play.

“Soccer conflicts do not always go to the more powerful or better player, but sooner or later the guy who needs to win and wins is the guy who believes he can”.

9. Learn to become the “free” guy or the “guy over”.

10. Play on-Play on:

“Constantly keep the ball going. He who hesitates is lost.”